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A high-purity, easily fabricated material that resists chemicals and corrosion.

For parts that come in regular contact with corrosive environments, POLYPROPYLENE creates a pure, strong barrier of protection. The material is ideal for both wet and dry process applications, offering a solid combination of mechanical strength, rigidity and dimensional stability. Easily fabricated, POLYPROPYLENE can be thermoformed, vacuum formed, and welded.

• Random copolymer polyolefin
• Lightweight
• Natural, bright white, black

• Mechanically tough and rigid
• Excellent chemical and corrosion resistance
• High purity
• No moisture absorption
• Good resistance to stress cracking at low temperatures
• Abrasion resistant
• Dimensionally stable up to 180°F continuous use
• FDA, USDA, NSF and 3-A Dairy compliant

• Chemical and fire truck tanks
• Equipment cabinetry
• Cutting boards
• Lab equipment
• Pump and valve components

• Food processing and storage
• Chemical processing
• Metal plating
• Prosthetics and orthotics
• Semiconductor