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Chemistry Resources On The Web

Chemistry is the scientific study of matter and the changes in the states of matter. It involves the physical study of chemical compounds and their atomic and molecular structures, as well as the principles of energy and entropy and how these affect chemical processes. Chemistry is a complex subject requiring many skills, from understanding the underlying basis of chemical reactions to how those microscopic reactions can affect the world on a global scale. Chemistry also requires an knowledge of chemical symbols and equations, the use of modeling techniques in new discoveries and how to demonstrate theoretical chemistry through practical experimentation.

Chemistry contains many different fields of specialization. Inorganic chemistry deals with the nature and behavior of the majority of chemical compounds, except for carbon-based compounds, which are studied in organic chemistry. Physical chemistry is the study of the chemical reactions of particles of matter down to the subatomic level. Biochemistry analyzes the chemical processes that occur in living organisms, while analytical chemistry involves separating, identifying and measuring chemical compounds. For people interested in discovering more about this varied and vital field of science, here are a collection of resources on many aspects of chemistry.

Safety in the Lab

NASA Guide to Lab Safety: Basic overview of the necessity for safety measures.

Laboratory Safety Manual: A comprehensive guide to all safety issues in the laboratory.

Elements, Compounds, Chemical Reactions

What are Chemical Properties and Changes?: A series of example experiments with photographs of reactions.

Atomic Structure, Molecular Modeling

The Structure of the atom: An overview of basic atomic structure.

The Shape of Molecules: Illustrated guide to molecular shapes.

Periodic Table

Periodic Table: A periodic table with explanatory links.

A Guide to the Periodic Table: A thorough explanation and history of the periodic table.

Knowledge Door: A comprehensive  resource about all elements of the periodice table. Interactive and Unique

Matter Density

Matter and Density: A resource about the nature of matter and the importance of density.

Density as a Characteristic Property: An article describing how density can help identify substances.

Properties Of Matter: An example experiment illustrating the concept of density.

Energy, Entropy

Entropy and Energy: An article detailing the essential nature of energy and entropy.

Enthalpy, Entropy and Free Energy: An in-depth discussion of the concepts behind thermodynamics.

States of Matter

The States of Matter: A series of example questions illustrating the behavior of the different states of matter.

Behaviour of Particles; Animated illustration of how particles behave in the different states.

The Various States of Matter: A series of links explaining each state in detail.


What is Stoichiometry?: An article outlining the basics of stoichiometry.

Stoichiometry and Elemental Analysis: A description of the experimental use of stoichiometry.

The History of Stoichiometry: A short essay detailing the background of stoichiometry.

Equilibrium/Acids , Bases/Electrochemistry

Acid and Base Electrochemistry: A practical example of the application of Electrochemistry.

Solving an Acid Base Problem: An article illustrating how to apply Electrochemistry to set problems.

Nuclear Chemistry

The basics of Nuclear Chemistry: A slide-show presentation on the fundamentals of the subject.

The Living Textbook of Nuclear Chemistry: A series of links to information on nuclear chemistry.

Organic Chemistry

Organic Chemistry Websites: A list of links to resources for organic chemistry.

Electronic Organic Chemistry Flashcards: A learning aid for the study of organic chemistry.


Alchemy: Ancient and Modern: Online text of a book detailing the history of alchemy.

About Alchemists: An article giving an overview of the development of alchemy.

Analytical Chemistry

Analytical Chemistry Resources on the Internet: An exhaustive collection of links on all aspects of analytical chemistry.

The Field of Analytical Chemistry: Materials from a series of lectures on the different areas of analytical chemistry.

Analytical Chemistry Student Resources: A collection of links aimed at students of the subject.

Practical Applications

Modern Uses of Radioactive Isotopes: An exploration of the practical uses of nuclear chemistry.

Analysis of Water Soluble Inks: An experiment illustrating how to apply chromatography.

Monitoring Water Quality

An Introduction to Water Quality Monitoring: An overview of the topic at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

Storm Water Pollution: Details the different chemical pollutants that can get into the water supply.

Chemistry: Environmental Concerns

Environmental Impacts from Gold Mining: A case study on the effect of chemical pollution from mining on the environment.

Global Warming: A resource center for climate change issues.

Ozone in the Polar Stratosphere: The National Weather Service's website illustrating chemical damage to the ozone layer.

Chemistry Journals

Database of Chemistry Journals: A search engine for chemistry journals and magazines.

List of Chemistry Journals: An alphabetical list of leading chemistry publications.

Chemistry Journal Websites: A list of links to journals in different fields of chemistry.

Ethics and Science

Responsible Conduct in Research: Online text of a report into scientific practice and ethical questions.

Online Research Ethics Course: A course designed to promote responsible conduct in scientific research.


The National Science Digital Library: Vast resource for information on science.

There is a wide range of career options available to people working in the chemistry field. Roughly half of chemists take openings in the research and for-profit sectors, working for manufacturing corporations, cosmetic firms, pharmaceutical companies and many other businesses. Government and the education sector also have many jobs for qualified chemists. A chemistry qualification provides a graduate with a highly prized skill set in today's job market. Here are some further resources for those interested in a career in chemistry.

Careers in Chemistry: An overview of the various specializations available in the chemistry field.

American Chemical Society: Professional organization for chemists with a careers guidance section.

AIChE: The leading organization for chemical engineers.

Links for Chemists: The WWW Virtual Library provides extensive information on a career in chemistry.