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Precision Plastic Machining

Plastic fabrication is a specialty of ours and we’ve taken plastic machining to the highest level. Using CNC machining technology, the latest plastic machining equipment available, and 25 years of precision plastic machining experience, we meet the needs of even the most challenging plastic machining clients.



  • Plastic design knowledge and component machinability expertise

  • Use of special, plastic compatible coolants

  • CNC machines free of metal contaminants

  • Stress relieving capabilities

  • Knowledge in material selection, sources, and cost


  • Avoidance of stress cracking and crazing from improper tooling or machining rates

  • Optical quality polishing capabilities

  • Annealing knowledge to ensure dimensional stability

  • Excellence in burr control during the machining process

  • Proprietary techniques to machine plastics to close tolerances

  • Superior surface finish capabilities

  • Facilities to properly clean and package components for shipment



  • Plastic Machining Lathe

  • Plastic Milling

  • Polishing (Vapor & Mechanical)

  • Annealing


Consider a Precision Plastic Machined Component in your Design

Many efforts have been undertaken by OEMs to remove costs from their products. Converting metal components to plastic components in an application can result in significant reductions in costs, design changes, overall weight and waste.

We are committed to quality at every step of the plastic component machining process. Our precision plastic machining facility is registered under following quality certifications:

  • ISO 9001:2015

  • ISO 13485:2016

  • ITAR registered

  • REACH and ROHS compliant

With a state-of-the-art temperature controlled metrology lab, we employ the following tools and processes to ensure the highest quality:

  • Nikon vision systems which are programmable visual inspection devices that ensure that the act of measuring features for inspection will not alter the product itself

  • SPC analysis and process optimization

  • Toolmaker microscopes which are used to measure dimensions and angles of machined metals.

We are a certified or premier supplier for over 30 companies, including scientific instrumentation, medical devices, and the nuclear industry. We consistently ship large quantities of finished components – dock to stock – with no quality rejections.

Potential or existing customers should feel free to request quality information or arrange for a quality audit. We are happy to provide a copy of our quality manual for your review.


Connecticut Plastics is part of Clayens

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