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Materials - Noryl PPO

The ideal balance of dimensional stability, strength and moisture resistance

While many amorphous thermoplastics lose strength at elevated temperatures, Noryl PPO retains its rigidity, impact strength and dimensional stability — even at 230°F continuous use. This balance of properties, coupled with inherent moisture and chemical resistance, makes it ideal for a wide range of electrical insulation components.

For added strength and stiffness, Noryl PPO can be reinforced with glass fiber fill. The material is easily machined, available in stock shapes, and can be thermoformed.

  • Polyphenylene oxide and styrene

  • Lightweight amorphous thermoplastic

  • Very high impact and surface strength

  • Exceptional dimensional stability

  • Very low moisture absorption

  • Excellent electrical properties over wide frequency range

  • Flame resistant & self-extinguishing (V-O UL-94 rating)

  • Minimal creep

  • Chemical resistant

  • Maintains properties up to 230°F continuous use

  • Electrical insulators and components

  • Computer and business equipment

  • Aircraft instrumentation

  • Shafts, gear wheels, spacer

  • Automotive

  • Aircraft and aerospace

  • Appliance manufacturing

  • Electrical and electronics manufacturing

  • Telecommunications

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