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Materials - Ertalyte® PET-P

For extended part life, PET-P is the material of choice.

This highly versatile material is ideal for both wet and dry environments, along with applications requiring excellent wear resistance, high strength and rigidity, and superior dimensional stability. Ertalyte PET-P performs well under high pressure, making it the material of choice for extended mechanical and electro-mechanical part life. In addition, with virtually no moisture absorption and good chemical resistance, the material suits a wide range of applications in the food processing and automotive industries.

Ertalyte PET-P can be reinforced with polyester fibers for added stiffness and wear resistance. Its opaque white surface will not fragment when broken.

  • Semi-crystalline thermoplastic polyester

  • Unreinforced

  • Derived from polyethylene terephthalate

  • Uniform, internal lubrication

  • Consistent white surface

  • Excellent wear, abrasion and weather resistance

  • Superior dimensional stability

  • Low coefficient of friction

  • High mechanical strength, rigidity and hardness to 240°F

  • Minimal moisture, fluid and chemical absorption

  • Reduces noise

  • Easily bonded

  • Resistant to high-energy radiation

  • FDA compliant

  • Electrical insulator

  • Food processing equipment

  • Pistons and valves

  • Soft metal surfaces

  • Plastic mating

  • Hinges

  • Mechanical parts

  • Food processing & handling

  • Electronics

  • Wet process tools

  • Automotive

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