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Nylon and Nylatron®

The low-cost, lightweight, long-wearing replacements for metals, rubber and more

Lighter and longer wearing than metals and other engineering materials, nylon and Nylatron also offer lower fabricated part cost in a wide variety of applications. Used extensively across multiple industries, the material provides an ideal combination of high strength and toughness, outstanding chemical and corrosion resistance, and exceptional wear and abrasion resistance.

Nylon and Nylatron offer design and application flexibility with a variety of grade options, including unfilled, glass fiber filled, oil filled, internally lubricated, heat stabilized and fiber reinforced. The material can be cast as finished parts and near net shapes, or can be custom cast for even greater design versatility. Nylon and Nylatron are easily machined, extruded and fabricated.

  • Engineering-grade thermoplastic

  • Colors: natural (cream/white), black

  • Lightweight

  • High strength, stiffness and toughness

  • Outstanding chemical and corrosion resistance

  • Excellent wear and abrasion resistance up to 210°F continuous use

  • FDA- and USDA-compliant for food industry

  • Good mechanical and electrical properties

  • Low coefficient of friction

  • Reduces lubrication requirements and noise

  • Bushings, bearings and nozzles

  • Pistons and valves

  • Rollers, wheels and gears

  • Manifolds

  • Food contact parts

  • Electrical components

  • Pump components

  • Wear pads and strips

  • Food processing

  • Paper manufacturing

  • Textile production

  • Electronics manufacturing

  • Automotive

  • Fluid and material handling

  • Mining

  • Construction

  • Aircraft

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