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Materials - Polycarbonate

Versatile and tough, this engineering plastic resists impact

For superior impact resistance in your applications, consider polycarbonate machine-grade thermoplastic. This transparent material has a high modulus of elasticity, without compromising strength or structure. Excellent electrical properties and low moisture absorption extend its viability for use in a variety of electronic applications. For increased rigidity, machine-grade polycarbonate can be reinforced with glass fiber.

Easily machined, polished, welded, and bonded, polycarbonate transmits 88% of light, making it ideal for windows and similar transparent products.

  • Amorphous thermoplastic

  • Transparent

  • High elasticity

  • Superior impact resistance

  • Excellent toughness

  • Continuously resists heat deformation to 265°F (145°C)

  • UL V-0 flame resistance

  • Excellent electrical properties

  • Low moisture absorption

  • Good acid resistance

  • Sight glasses

  • Manifolds

  • Windows

  • Housing parts

  • Electrical Insulators

  • Optical components

  • Appliance components

  • Aircraft and aerospace

  • Fluid handling

  • Electronics manufacturing

  • Automotive

  • Business machines

  • Model construction

  • Lighting technology

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