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Materials - RADEL®

Ideally suited for steam-intensive sterilization techniques in the medical industry

Radel withstands the high-performance demands of the medical industry, including repeated steam autoclaving at high temperatures, with no loss of dimensional stability. Its impact resistance and light weight make it especially suitable for medical, dental and surgical instrumentation. Radel also exhibits exceptional dielectric properties, extending its utility into electronics manufacturing and assembly.

  • Amorphous polyphenylsulfone

  • Lightweight

  • Bone white, opaque and transparent

  • Exceptional resistance to chemicals and corrosion

  • High impact resistance and strength up to 410°F

  • Superior resistance to hydrolysis and steam autoclaving

  • Resists common acids, bases and commercial washing solutions

  • Excellent electrical properties UL V-0

  • High modulus of elasticity

  • Good dimensional stability

  • FDA- and NSF-compliant

  • Filter components

  • Sterilization trays

  • Dental and surgical instruments

  • Coupling and fitting components

  • Electronic assembly equipment

  • Food contact parts

  • Soldered parts

  • Medical

  • Fluid handling

  • Electronics manufacturing

  • Food processing and handling

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