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Materials - Ultem® PEI

For the ultimate performance in high-heat/high-strength applications

One of the most frequently used high-performance materials on the market, Ultem PEI combines exceptional strength and rigidity with excellent thermal properties, including outstanding heat resistance under continuous operating temperatures of 340°F (170°C). For increased rigidity, Ultem PEI can be reinforced with glass fiber.

In addition, Ultem PEI offers consistent electrical properties across a wide range of frequencies. These attributes, coupled with ease of machining and fabrication, makes Ultem PEI ideal for use in a multitude of high heat/high strength applications within the medical, pharmaceutical, aerospace and electronics industries.

  • Amorphous thermoplastic

  • Light amber color (unfilled)

  • Semi-transparent

  • Extremely rigid

  • UFDA/USDA and USP class VI compliant

  • Continuous rigidity and strength to 340°F (170°C)

  • Dimensionally stable

  • Excellent flame and heat resistance (UL 94 V-0 rated)

  • Consistent dielectric properties over a range of frequencies

  • Good acid resistance

  • High resistance to autoclave sanitizing

  • Low moisture absorption

  • Reusable machined components

  • Manifolds

  • Electrical insulators

  • Electrical component housings

  • Aircraft instrumentation

  • Medical and pharmaceutical

  • Electronics manufacturing

  • Semiconductor design

  • Aircraft and aerospace

  • Automotive

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